ROOFING   A Good Roof Protects One of Your Biggest Investments

A good roof is one of the most essential elements of a secure home. Do you have a leak? Are shingles or tile pieces missing or out of alignment? Are there stains on the ceiling of your home, or on the rafters in your attic?

Purchasing a new roof is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home. You need protection, performance, energy efficiency beauty and a solid warranty. PHR can install any roof, shingle, metal, asphalt, clay tile, or concrete shake with experienced, professional, fast, and reliable installers. 

Modern roofs are made to last between ten and twenty years. Weather and severe heat can shorten the life of a roof. Also damage from falling limbs and falling trees can shorten the life of a roof. If your roof is leaking, sagging, or you have shingles falling off it may be time to consider a new roof.

Darrell Moon Construction offers FREE ESTIMATES for all roofing jobs. Our estimators can determine whether you need a new roof or just a simple roof repair. Always to your highest benefit.

Do you need a new roof? Is your old roof ready to be replaced? Do you need your roof repaired?  Look no further.

BATHROOM REMODEL   We Build Luxury Spa Oasis' That Make Dreams Come True

Transform your bathroom into a personal retreat with Darrell Moon Construction. Upgrading your bathroom is one of the most refreshing things you can do for your home. Bathrooms are one of the most utilized spaces in the home that we spend personal time in. Why not turn it into a spa!? We can help you optimize the space and layout of the bathroom for the most efficient use.


Whether you are looking to update just the vanity or do a complete gut and remodel, Darrell Moon Construction is here for you.

Our bathroom remodeling services include everything you need, from designing a layout to replacing your entire plumbing. Just talk to our experts, and we will customize to your needs and budget. 


Allow Darrell Moon Construction to upgrade your lifestyle by calling today!


Home is where the heart is, which is another way of saying it’s the place we enjoy with the people and things we love the most. While home can be anywhere we make it, most of us fantasize about the day when we are able to design and build the custom home of our dreams. More than just a place to sleep, houses become an investment that can be passed along to future generations. Perhaps more importantly, however, is the role our homes play as the backdrop for all of the meaningful memories we create with loved ones.

For your home-building endeavor to be a true success, you must first align yourself with a qualified custom home builder who cares about attention to detail. We provide the ability to choose each detail of YOUR CUSTOM DREAM HOME using your architect and design team or our professional partners.

Upgrading your kitchen is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS you can make in your home. The kitchen is the heart of the home and typically the center of attention. Much of our time is spent in the kitchen. Kitchen Remodeling is also known to increase value in your home as well as provide a solid return on investment. Kitchen upgrades and remodels are known to usually get anywhere from 80%-90% of their value back once completed. We are here to guide you through your project step by step and help you RE-IMAGINE YOUR KITCHEN.

PROFESSIONAL PAINTING  A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes A Long Way

Brighten up the EXTERIOR and?or INTERIOR of your home with a fresh coat of new paint as early as today.  It’s no secret that a high-quality paint job will increase the value of your home as well as the curb appeal, just ask any real estate agent! It’s never too late to invest in your home.  


Over time the wear and tear of the home is sometimes noticeable and other times not so much, however with exterior and interior walls it’s easy to spot damages. Hair line cracks if not treated both on the interior and exterior of the home will only grow and the paint tends to crack, peel and chip away. If cracks in the walls of the home are not treated when needed your opened surfaces will become susceptible to moisture which can lead to things like dry rot, termite damages and even mold.

CONTACT US today to refresh the look and feel of your home!

ROOM ADDITIONS  Need More Space?

KITCHEN REMODEL  The Heart of the Home is also the BEST Remodel Investment

Want to add comfort and value to your home with an addition or extension?  Whether you want to add a bedroom, bathroom, master suite or kitchen extension to your home we have the qualified experience and tools necessary to help you maximize your space.

You can trust Darrell Moon Construction with all your General Contractor and Remodeling Upgrade needs. We pride ourselves in helping clients reach their remodeling goals stress-free.  

Here, we have a list of outdoor services we provide. And if you don’t see your project on the list, just call us and we can discuss it. We are ready to help you design and create your new:​

Outdoor Kitchens - an integral part of our Southern lifestyle. Summer cookouts, weekend BBQs, and patio dinners with family and friends are all commonplace gatherings.   A covered patio with an outdoor kitchen, spacious grilling area, and even a fireplace or fire pit are all great additions to complete any   project. We can help you create an outdoor kitchen area that enhances your home and fits your lifestyle.

Decks – Decks add so much value to your home, aesthetically as well as monetarily! Start your outdoor oasis with a stunning. durable deck.

Gazebos – Our beautiful gazebos create a perfect spot for a relaxing lunch, time to kick back with family and friends or to hold a beautiful picturesque event.

Pergolas – A pergola typically stands over your patio or deck. It offers shade and beautiful sunlight at the same time. Pergolas make an attractive and functionally value addition to your deck area..

Repairs, Rehabs & Upgrades – Is your current deck or hardscaping in need of repair? Or are your ready to add on and upgrade? We can help!  

Fencing – We build beautiful and functional fences. Great fences make great neighbors. We build all types of fences for small yards or ranchland. 

OUTDOORS   Ahhh the Great Outdoors!

BARNDOMINIUMS   Cost Effective & Swift Completion

One of the major reasons for the surge in popularity of this type of structure is that they are typically more cost effective to build, and can be built faster than two separate home and barn structures.

If you are under budgetary or time constraints, a barndominium on your property could be an effective option. Barndominiums come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how you plan to use your structure.